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Cover Letter (Mustafa Abdoh)

18 March 2016

Dear Dr. Maha:

Shadowing a medical professional would prove to be an invaluable and enriching experience from which I may commence delving into the medical field. As an undergraduate at UNC Chapel Hill enrolled as a biomedical engineer major and chemistry minor on the pre-med track, I am fully prepared to handle the responsibility and deliver with the upmost sincerity and efficacy in my work in your clinic. I am eager to learn from and contribute to the working environment of the clinic and observe the professional in practice.

I believe that my qualifications, especially in communication make me a prime candidate for this position. Understanding that this experience takes place in Amman Jordan, it is essential to have a shadow who is fluent in Arabic and English. I meet and excel in this regard as I am fluent in both these languages and have advanced proficiency in French and moderate proficiency in Russian. Along with the language qualification is the ability to interact sociably and professionally with patients. Having worked at Subway, I am adept in interacting and servicing customers in an amicable fashion. Making clients feel comfortable when receiving services is essential in maintaining satisfaction in a restaurant setting. Such skill translates fluidly to medicine. Communication with incoming patients in a professional and sociable manner promotes and maintains a positive, productive working environment.

There is also the matter of taking orders and following directives. I have volunteered under several organizations, where communication between project managers and volunteers was necessary for successful service work. When working on a project for Habitat for Humanity, strict adherence to the task which the group leader assigned proved commitment for the task at hand. I also did not shy away from asking for assistance when something was unclear in order to put the task and safety of others before my pride. Such initiative brought me to excel in following orders and efficiently executing tasks in a timely manner.
Even in the absence of explicit directive, such as when tutoring school children in math, I have exercised improvisation and problem solving skills. Self-direction prevails in tutoring. While the ultimate goal is clear, the path by which to properly teach someone is not universal. I had to shape unique techniques to tackle the problems of each individual tutee. Tutoring demonstrates an understanding for the situation at hand and an ability to respond resourcefully.

Combining the aptitude to apply myself and the willingness and experience to deal with people yields an ideal skill set for this position. Shadowing at your clinic is a window from which I may gain an understanding of the medical world in which I aspire to excel. I have an intense passion for helping and serving others, and this marvelous experience is an outlet for which this passion can be expressed.


Mustafa Abdoh

Merz Cover Letter

TaVon Cates

March 8th, 2016

Dear Merz Intersnship Committee,

I would first like to thank you for taking the time to review my application, resume, cover letter, and for considering me to be a part of your company. Your dermatology and neuroscience based healthcare facility really stood out to me, considering that I aspire to be a future dermatologist. I am a first year with the credits of a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel hill, one of the best rigourous schools for medicine in the country. I am earning bachelors of science major in biology with a minor in chemistry. I have been interested in dermatology for a while now, some reasons for my interest in dermatology would be that my family has a pattern of skin conditions such as Eczema. My aunt has a rare and fatal skin condition called Steven-Johnsons syndrome that caused her to stay in the UNC hopsitals’ burn center for several weeks. I have infomally shadowed some of the nurses and doctors there during my visits to her.

I am CPR trained, which is always good when dealing with healthcare. I have not done a whole lot of job shadowing and research in the field, but I believe that your company would be an amazing start. I think that the job shadowing, networking opportunities, faculty discussions, etc. that you provide will be amazing experience. I look forward to shadowing some of dermatologists that you have on staff. I have completed three levels of biology and two levels of chemistry, which all include a lab component. So I have at least basic understanding of biologhy and chemistry as well as being familiar around a lab, which is recommended in the application along with being a junior or senior in an undergraduate program.

I was nominated two years in a row to become a part of the national academy for future physicians and medical students, but due to circumstances was not able to attend. I see that some of the activities includes service projects, lunch and learns, networking events, and training opportunities. I was a member of my high school national honors society so we did a lot of service projects around the area so I am fimiliar with those. Being trained in multiple positions for the job that I have been working for almost three years has helped me to become a quick study and be able to pick up new skills easily so learning new skills is no challenege.

I have a few family members who are in the medical field and have had the pleasure to go to work with them and see what it is actually like to work in the medical field. Although none of them are dermatologists, I still have a sense of what it like to work in a hospital or a clinic. I have been in many chemisty as well as biology labs these last two years so I know my way around a lab pretty well. These labs have taught me how to follow instructions and conduct a lab with little help from a supervisor. It taught me how to act on my own and trust my judgement. Again, thank you for you time in considering me to be a part of your company.


TaVon Cates.

United Therapeutics CV

Global Drug Safety Internship Inquiry

12 March 2016

Amanda Saunders
Pharmacovigilance Physician
United Therapeutics
55 T.W. Alexander Drive
P.O. Box 14186
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709


Dear Dr. Saunders:

I am writing to you in regards to an open summer associate position in your global drug safety department and want to convey my excitement at the opportunity of joining United Therapeutics. As an undergraduate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill majoring in Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience on the pre-med track, I am very eager to broaden my knowledge of the medical disciplines and explore the field of healthcare. I found your job listing to be most closely related to my pharmaceutical interests and offered the best introductory experience to the professional industry. Prior experience in art and research has fortified my skills necessary to succeed in such a collaborative work environment as well as commit to responsibilities with great focus.

While working in Dr. Sara Algoe’s emotional and social relations research lab, I had to adhere to strict standards when coding participant behavior. After coding hundreds of videos, I have gained a better understanding of the importance of patience and attention to detail when analyzing data. These precise evaluation skills will prove especially advantageous when assisting in acute review of human safety and global distribution operating procedures.

My 8-year background in the performing arts also contributes to my affinity for teamwork and creative outlook. In addition, I am able to employ my fluency in several languages to better communicate with others who more clearly express themselves in a language other than English. Such international communication is critical in reviewing complaints and complimentary to the “global” aspect of the drug safety department. Raised in a multicultural household, I have also learned to approach problems with an open mind and consider various perspectives. While offering a creative mindset to the global drug safety team, working at United Therapeutics would grant me a new perspective on medical professions and their global applications.

I want to ensure you that I am self-motivated with a genuine passion for medicine and believe this opportunity to assist with drug safety review will enhance my academic growth in addition to being an impactful contributor to your team.


Claudia Foubert
Undergraduate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
515 Paul Hardin Drive, Rm# 332
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Cover Letter for American Red Cross-Keenan Cromshaw

Red Cross Internship Cover Letter

March 5th, 2016

National Red Cross

American Red Cross National Headquarters

2025 E Street, NW

Washington, DC 20006


Dear Selection Committee,

My interest in the medical field and my previous involvement with the Red Cross serving as a blood donor has incited me to seek a non-paid internship position with your organization. Some of the internships I am interested in (from the list on your website) are Disaster Services Mass Care, Disaster Services Operations, Service to the Armed Forces Service Delivery Unit, Service to the Armed Forces Policy and Program Development Unity, and Service to the Armed Forces Youth in Military Medical Facilities.

My skills and experience will significantly help the Red Cross to achieve their mission. I am currently looking to be admitted to the UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing to ultimately become a Registered Nurse. I have also earned a 4-year Army ROTC scholarship and achieved rank of Eagle Scout along with my CPR certification. I believe that the courses associated with the admittance to the school of Nursing are very relevant to any medical related internship spots. My involvement in the ROTC program and my experience as a Boy Scout have given me valuable skills to help critically think, analyze, and very importantly lead. Moreover, I have had valuable customer service experience in various restaurants that will help me in any kind of position that involves interpersonal communication and will help to improve relations with anyone involved with the Red Cross. Overall, I believe my experiences and skills will ultimately help me to solve problems for your organization. Some other skills and experience that might be relevant to your internship include:

  • Familiarization with first aid
  • Great organizational skills
  • Enjoyment in working in a team

I believe that any Red Cross internship opportunities would also be very advantageous for my future aspirations. As stated before, I am working to become a registered Nurse and also possibly become a Nurse Practitioner or even a Nurse Anesthetist. Holding any of these kinds of internships would provide many benefits, but the primary ones would be:

  • Gaining valuable medical related experience
  • Gaining experience working in a team and solving problems
  • Acquiring knowledge of the way the Red Cross runs its operations.

Overall, I believe the internship opportunities the Red Cross offers would both be advantageous to achieving my personal future goals and also for the advancement of the Red Cross because of my experience and skills. The Red Cross is an extraordinary organization that I would love to be a part of. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.


Keenan Cromshaw

American Red Cross Internship Candidate

450 Ehringhaus Drive, Room #541

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Cover Letter for SMDEP

March 3, 2016

Summer Medical And Dental Education Program
655 K Street, NW, Suite 100
Washington, DC 20001

Dear Selection Committee,

As a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that has strived to combat the minuscule representation of minorities in the professional fields, I feel that I am an excellent candidate for the intern position available for The Summer Medical and Dental Education Program. As a first generation student, I have experienced a rocky road but have overcome those limitations. Thus, I am confident that this program will strengthen my abilities as a student and future medical professional.

Specifically, I am interested in the program site at Duke University. This prestigious university houses an excellent medical school, and I am interested in interacting with professionals who have extensive experience in the medical field. I am aware that there are a number of clinical rotations, and I am curious to observe any differences in patient care from UNC. I’ve interacted and shadowed various physicians at UNC, but I am intrigued to view the differing practice.

Although just a first-year undergraduate student, I have realized how essential it is to aid others that may have had similar struggles that I did. This is why I have started to focus on programs that relate to this issue in some manner. Las Guapitas, a mentoring program that I joined last fall, concentrates on exposing Latino middle school youth to STEAM fields.

When I joined, the current leads of the program saw potential and recruited me to be a part of the executive board. Las Guapitas has not only taught me leadership and the essence of teamwork but to also recognize the importance of sharing what I have learned along this journey to others who may be enduring a similar one. I now understand how essential it is to increase representation in professional fields given that every individual has promise, just differing obstacles. My belief is that we have to start at the root; the branches may be more difficult to reach.

I am certain that The Summer Medical and Dental Education Program will enhance my current skills and enrich my knowledge. As of now, I have taken beginners courses in the sciences and mathematics. However, I feel that is still essential to learn how to navigate these efficiently and successfully. If helped in this aspect, my ability to reach my ultimate goal of becoming a physician will be strengthened.

Furthermore, I look forward to the possibility of joining this program. I am positive it will allow my fascination for healthcare to grow and prosper.

Thank you for your time and your consideration.


Ana Sofia Ocegueda

B.S. Psychology
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Cover Letter: Health Promotion Internship

495 Paul Hardin Drive
Phone: (919) xxx-xxxx

March 10, 2016

Jason Horay
Medical Mutual
700 Spring Forest Road
Suite 400
Raleigh, NC 27609

Dear Mr. Horay,

I have always had a keen interest in the health field. As a child I loved listening to my older sister describe new technological advancements in the medical world, as well as the challenges and opportunities for health behavior and wellness promotion around the world. When I saw the Health Promotion Internship listing on Medical Mututal’s website, I was delighted to be able to apply for the position as it combines my passion for the field with the requisite practical experiences and skills.

I am currently a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and intend to pursue a Nutrition (B.S.) degree from the Gillings School of Public Health. I also plan to attend medical school after graduation. My previous and current academic coursework consists of several foundational courses relevant to this position, including Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, and Exercise Sports Science.

Additionally, my current job at the Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center (CSCC) in the Department of Biostatistics has allowed me to practice and enhance a variety of key skills required in a Health Promotion Intern. Collecting and analyzing programmatic records and statistical data have made me proficient in Microsoft Excel and comfortable with different types of research software and work-flow processes. I have developed excellent communication and team building skills through regular one-on-one and virtual project collaboration with local and national research sites, program supervisors and co-workers. Completing self-directed trainings for all programs I use and website management functions I perform also underscores my ability to learn quickly and grasp new concepts easily.

Furthermore, my extracurricular experiences from high school can be highly valuable for this internship. As an example, being selected to participate in the North Carolina Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics gave me the opportunity to develop and implement the type of rigorous research project that would be necessary for this internship. Similarly, as an active member and leader within numerous non-profit and health-focused organizations such as Cary Teen Council and Manna Project International, I have worked closely with partners to promote, implement and evaluate different types of organizational activities.

The North Carolina Medical Society Employee Benefit Plan sounds like a highly valuable resource for North Carolina physicians and practices. Working as a Health Promotion Intern on this program will be a meaningful and enriching experience. Based on my genuine interest in the health sciences field as well as my educational and professional experiences, I believe I am an excellent candidate for the position and hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Muznah Khan

Cover Letter for Emory Healthcare Internship Program

Addison Frank


Mr K–
Emory Healthcare

Dear Mr. K–:

My name is Addison Frank. I am a first year student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I would like to apply for the Emory Healthcare Hospital Summer Internship Program for the summer of 2016. I am a pre-medical student majoring in Psychology and Anthropology with a minor in Chemistry. With my background and healthcare interests, I believe I would be a strong candidate for this program.

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to work in the medical field, specifically as a physician. I have gone through several internships and volunteer opportunities that have helped shape this desire. I began by volunteering with the VolunTeen program at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta at Scottish Rite and working in the Emergency Department and the pharmacy in 2013. From there, I applied for the Future Healthcare Professionals Program at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta for the 2013-2014 school year and was accepted. Through this program, I was exposed to many different careers in the healthcare field ranging from prosthetics to emergency medicine.

This opportunity opened my eyes to possible career paths for me that led to finding several internships. I interned with Dr. Bahig Shehata, a pediatric pathologist at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta at Egleston and a professor at Emory University School of Medicine beginning in the summer of 2013. Through working with him, I was able to work in a lab setting and do research on pediatric cancers. I was also able to shadow a Dr. Bess Schoen, a pediatric gastroenterologist, and sit in on a surgery performing a small/large bowel resection. I have continued to intern with him every summer. I also interned with Dr. Laura Bleekrode at Alpharetta Pediatrics for two weeks in a summer internship program with my high school. Interning with her allowed me to observe the day-to-day life working in a pediatrician’s office. This internship made me realize that I wanted a hospital environment for my future career rather than a pediatric office.

Now as an undergraduate student, I am a part of Operation Smile, a club motivated towards raising money for clef palate and cleft lip surgeries in third world countries, and Global Medical Training, a club motivated towards educating students on medical careers through mission work. My spring break of 2016 I am going on a GMT mission trip to Granada, Nicaragua to work in clinics diagnosing people. My specific interest for healthcare now is towards pediatrics in a hospital setting, particularly OBGYN. I will be volunteering in a gynecologist office this summer at Northside Hospital.

For this specific position, I feel that I would be able to flourish as a pre-medical student. The project-based work that is part of this internship would teach me a lot about leadership, hospital operations at Emory, and grow my interest in health care. Because this internship is project-based, my background as head editor of my high school yearbook will help me handle the work and excel in working on projects. Through being an editor, I learned skills about organization, leadership, deadlines, delegating responsibilities, and creativity.

I hope you will consider me as an intern for this healthcare internship program because I feel that I, as an applicant, have a lot to offer to this this internship, and this program would offer a lot to me in terms of furthering my path towards being in the medical field.


Addison Frank
Psychology B.S.|Anthropology B.A.|Chemistry Minor


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SURE-REU Program Cover Letter

Kailyn Janelle Valido
411 Skipper Bowles Dr
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

March 9, 2016
SURE-REU Program
University of North Carolina
CB #7108
Chapel Hill, NC  27599-7100

Dear SURE-REU Selection Committee at UNC Chapel Hill:

My name is Kailyn Valido and I am a first year undergraduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After reviewing the information regarding this molecular biosciences summer experience offered at UNC for undergraduate students, I believe that I would be a great fit for this ten-week laboratory research program.

I am a well-organized and meticulous student that is highly motivated. I am great at collaborating with others as well as problem solving, skills that are essential to thrive in this research experience.

The following achievements highlight my qualifications for this program:

  • A background in working with individuals in the medical field as I have participated in an internship with an immunologist, a Georgetown medical institute program, and a Congress of Future Medical Leaders convention
  • Leadership skills as I have been the captain on my competitive dance team for two consecutive years as well as a student ambassador in my high school
  • An admiration for new, unique experiences, exemplified by my high school intensive study abroad experience in Spain as well as my commitment to volunteering as a dance teacher and a retirement home assistant
  • Academic success, demonstrated by my position on the Dean’s List at UNC, as well as my past achievements as a National AP Scholar, RPI Medal Award Winner, and membership in several prestigious honor societies.

Along with these strengths, I am also extremely intrigued by the subject material being researched, which all fall under the umbrella of biology and chemistry. I am seeking a biology (B.S.) major and chemistry minor at UNC, and I am deeply intrigued by the multifaceted issues in the STEM field. I hope to go to medical school and ultimately become a physician, and I believe that this experience will further prepare me for the long and exciting journey ahead.

I hope you consider me as an addition to this program. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Kailyn Valido

Cover Letter for Kapit Bisig Kabataan Network

MARCH 12, 2016







Dear Selection Committee,

As a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a double major in Biology (BS) and Chemistry (BA), I am very interested in you organization, more specifically your 2016 Relief and Rebuild Mission in the Philippines. Your mission is to support survivors of calamities in the Philippines by raising funds, organizing rehabilitation missions, and advocating for long-term solutions to improve disaster preparedness. This really piqued my interest due to the fact that I am a native born Filipino and that I want to become a general surgeon when I grow up.

Tuguegarao is the province in the Philippines in which I was born in. Living there for five years and only visiting twice gave me an appreciation for the Filipino culture and made me realize how much I lost touch with it. Due to this reason, I have joined many Filipino-oriented organizations and groups. I am a part of Bukas Loob sa Diyos, which is a worldwide Filipino Catholic organization that aims to promote Christian and Catholic values through teachings and volunteering. As a youth leader, I am responsible for helping the other members of the youth grow closer to God and understand his teachings by leading many praise worships and activities. Additionally, I am part of Kasama, which is a Filipino organization at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that aims to raise awareness about and promote Filipino values, which is done through activities such as learning how to dance traditional Filipino dances and learning how to cook Filipino food.

Joining these groups has surrounded me with the Filipino culture that I had neglected to indulge in after I moved to the United States. Your 2016 Relief and Rebuild Mission in the Philippines is another opportunity that will help me become more involved in it. By participating in this trip, I will be able to make connections with fellow Filipino youth in the United States and obtain a better understanding about my heritage through firsthand experience. In addition to that, I will become part of an organization that will unite and empower Filipino youth and students across the United States. Other than reconnecting with my culture, a reason for my attraction towards your organization is my objective in life.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been interested in the medical field. The way that the doctors and nurses worked so hard and so passionately to save lives really brought me in. During the month of March of this year, I job shadowed a neurosurgeon for an academic-related assignment. I felt a sense of comfort and belonging when I entered the operating room. Ever since then, I knew I had to become a surgeon. However, I didn’t want to stay restricted to working in a hospital located in a developed country such as the United States. There were many other areas that are in dire need of medical attention. Therefore, my objective in life is to become a general surgeon who travels to underdeveloped and impoverished countries to provide my services.

Your mission trip is the perfect opportunity to gain firsthand experience in helping a third world country. After Typhoon Haiyan, many parts of the Philippines were left devastated. For starters, people living in the Philippines are not as privileged or wealthy as people living in developed areas such as the United States. Additionally, funding or help for this magnitude of destruction can be restricted. Due to this reason, this mission trip is very helpful. I will be able to personally help those who have been directly affected by the disaster and find out whether or not I truly want to become a traveling surgeon, while providing much needed help. As a result, this trip can become a learning experience for me and help define me as a person.

I feel as if I would be a strong candidate for this mission because I am very experienced in service learning and volunteering. As mentioned before, I am part of Bukas Loob sa Diyos. This organization performs a lot of volunteering activities. Around Christmas, many of its members go to retirement homes and orphanages and sing Christmas carols. Throughout the year, they travel to retirement homes and help the elderly out by performing tasks such as feeding them and playing Bingo with them. They also work with other volunteering and service learning groups such as Stop Hunger Now and Urban Ministries to perform similar tasks. Additionally, they host many retreats in where anyone is welcome to participate in teachings and worships to become closer to God. What I listed only encompasses a small amount of the services they do provide. As a member for about eight years and a youth leader for five years, I have been involved with a multitude of those activities. As a result, I have gained much experience in working with others to achieve a goal and have obtained a better understanding of those who are not as privileged as I am.

I hope this letter expresses my aspiration to become part of your mission trip and organization. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at Thank you for your time and consideration.



Enaj Joeyce Furigay

Biology (BS) and Chemistry (BA)

515 Paul Hardin Dr

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC 27514



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