revised third project

Medical/Public Health Sciences & Infographics

The purpose of this unit is to investigate social, cultural, economic, and political concerns of a pressing medial/health/science-related topic chosen by your group. To illustrate the economic, social, and political elements of the topic, you will create an informative infographic that allows viewers to quickly understand and assess the numbers and their impact. The inspiration for this project is Mona Chalabi whose hand-illustrations – featured on her instagram – highlight important social, economic, gender, and race issues in the US and the world today.

Unit 3 Feeder 1: Group Annotated Bibliography
Length: 1-3 sources with brief annotations per person (depending on group size, that will add up to 2 minimum and 12 maximum sources total per group: numbers will vary based on the number of individuals in your group but I imagine most groups will have—on average—5-9 sources as some of these may overlap with each person’s infographic). These summaries should be VERY short: summary and synthesis only – max 2-3 sentences.
Manuscript preparation: format flexible (word, pages, etc)
Submission format: printed and submitted to instructor

As you learned from Unit 1, every effective project begins with research! For this unit, you’ll be researching all the things that comes into play between a commodities production and final consumption.

Unit 3 Feeder 2: Individual Visualization & Data Visualization –
Length: 1 data visualization chart/infographic
Manuscript preparation: (using spark or illustrator or photoshop or some other visualization platform)
Submission format: submitted to course website as a post with appropriate categories (#infographic etc.)

Unit 3 Final Project: Group Website – with brief individual essays for each infographic + resources,
Length: complete website + 75-250 word essays for each infographic + about + author bios + resources and additional information

Your Infographic will be graded on the following criteria:

Design, which is comprised of layout, color scheme, fonts, visuals
Content, which is comprised of terms, facts, quantitative & qualitative data
Clarity, which means clear, effective claims, that can be efficiently

Your essay will be graded on the following criteria:

Your website will be graded on the following criteria: