UNC’s library system has CONSIDERABLE online and print sources. I recommend bookmarking the main library website as soon as possible.

Here’s a few tips and tricks:

  • If you need to find something in a particular discipline, I recommend accessing the “E-Research by Discipline” just below the enormous library search field. Here you can see what online resources are available in different fields of study.
  • You can also access specific academic journals by using the e-journal finder.
  • Not all Science journals are created equal! In the sciences there are a number of well-respected interdisciplinary journals:  PNAS (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.), Nature, Science, Journal of Speech, Language, Hearing Resources, New England Journal of Medicine, Health Affair, to name a few. I recommend starting with these before looking to more obscure e-resources.
  • UNC Library’s Science Research 101

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