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Cover Letter (Mustafa Abdoh)

18 March 2016

Dear Dr. Maha:

Shadowing a medical professional would prove to be an invaluable and enriching experience from which I may commence delving into the medical field. As an undergraduate at UNC Chapel Hill enrolled as a biomedical engineer major and chemistry minor on the pre-med track, I am fully prepared to handle the responsibility and deliver with the upmost sincerity and efficacy in my work in your clinic. I am eager to learn from and contribute to the working environment of the clinic and observe the professional in practice.

I believe that my qualifications, especially in communication make me a prime candidate for this position. Understanding that this experience takes place in Amman Jordan, it is essential to have a shadow who is fluent in Arabic and English. I meet and excel in this regard as I am fluent in both these languages and have advanced proficiency in French and moderate proficiency in Russian. Along with the language qualification is the ability to interact sociably and professionally with patients. Having worked at Subway, I am adept in interacting and servicing customers in an amicable fashion. Making clients feel comfortable when receiving services is essential in maintaining satisfaction in a restaurant setting. Such skill translates fluidly to medicine. Communication with incoming patients in a professional and sociable manner promotes and maintains a positive, productive working environment.

There is also the matter of taking orders and following directives. I have volunteered under several organizations, where communication between project managers and volunteers was necessary for successful service work. When working on a project for Habitat for Humanity, strict adherence to the task which the group leader assigned proved commitment for the task at hand. I also did not shy away from asking for assistance when something was unclear in order to put the task and safety of others before my pride. Such initiative brought me to excel in following orders and efficiently executing tasks in a timely manner.
Even in the absence of explicit directive, such as when tutoring school children in math, I have exercised improvisation and problem solving skills. Self-direction prevails in tutoring. While the ultimate goal is clear, the path by which to properly teach someone is not universal. I had to shape unique techniques to tackle the problems of each individual tutee. Tutoring demonstrates an understanding for the situation at hand and an ability to respond resourcefully.

Combining the aptitude to apply myself and the willingness and experience to deal with people yields an ideal skill set for this position. Shadowing at your clinic is a window from which I may gain an understanding of the medical world in which I aspire to excel. I have an intense passion for helping and serving others, and this marvelous experience is an outlet for which this passion can be expressed.


Mustafa Abdoh