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Merz Cover Letter

TaVon Cates

March 8th, 2016

Dear Merz Intersnship Committee,

I would first like to thank you for taking the time to review my application, resume, cover letter, and for considering me to be a part of your company. Your dermatology and neuroscience based healthcare facility really stood out to me, considering that I aspire to be a future dermatologist. I am a first year with the credits of a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel hill, one of the best rigourous schools for medicine in the country. I am earning bachelors of science major in biology with a minor in chemistry. I have been interested in dermatology for a while now, some reasons for my interest in dermatology would be that my family has a pattern of skin conditions such as Eczema. My aunt has a rare and fatal skin condition called Steven-Johnsons syndrome that caused her to stay in the UNC hopsitals’ burn center for several weeks. I have infomally shadowed some of the nurses and doctors there during my visits to her.

I am CPR trained, which is always good when dealing with healthcare. I have not done a whole lot of job shadowing and research in the field, but I believe that your company would be an amazing start. I think that the job shadowing, networking opportunities, faculty discussions, etc. that you provide will be amazing experience. I look forward to shadowing some of dermatologists that you have on staff. I have completed three levels of biology and two levels of chemistry, which all include a lab component. So I have at least basic understanding of biologhy and chemistry as well as being familiar around a lab, which is recommended in the application along with being a junior or senior in an undergraduate program.

I was nominated two years in a row to become a part of the national academy for future physicians and medical students, but due to circumstances was not able to attend. I see that some of the activities includes service projects, lunch and learns, networking events, and training opportunities. I was a member of my high school national honors society so we did a lot of service projects around the area so I am fimiliar with those. Being trained in multiple positions for the job that I have been working for almost three years has helped me to become a quick study and be able to pick up new skills easily so learning new skills is no challenege.

I have a few family members who are in the medical field and have had the pleasure to go to work with them and see what it is actually like to work in the medical field. Although none of them are dermatologists, I still have a sense of what it like to work in a hospital or a clinic. I have been in many chemisty as well as biology labs these last two years so I know my way around a lab pretty well. These labs have taught me how to follow instructions and conduct a lab with little help from a supervisor. It taught me how to act on my own and trust my judgement. Again, thank you for you time in considering me to be a part of your company.


TaVon Cates.