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MARCH 12, 2016







Dear Selection Committee,

As a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a double major in Biology (BS) and Chemistry (BA), I am very interested in you organization, more specifically your 2016 Relief and Rebuild Mission in the Philippines. Your mission is to support survivors of calamities in the Philippines by raising funds, organizing rehabilitation missions, and advocating for long-term solutions to improve disaster preparedness. This really piqued my interest due to the fact that I am a native born Filipino and that I want to become a general surgeon when I grow up.

Tuguegarao is the province in the Philippines in which I was born in. Living there for five years and only visiting twice gave me an appreciation for the Filipino culture and made me realize how much I lost touch with it. Due to this reason, I have joined many Filipino-oriented organizations and groups. I am a part of Bukas Loob sa Diyos, which is a worldwide Filipino Catholic organization that aims to promote Christian and Catholic values through teachings and volunteering. As a youth leader, I am responsible for helping the other members of the youth grow closer to God and understand his teachings by leading many praise worships and activities. Additionally, I am part of Kasama, which is a Filipino organization at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that aims to raise awareness about and promote Filipino values, which is done through activities such as learning how to dance traditional Filipino dances and learning how to cook Filipino food.

Joining these groups has surrounded me with the Filipino culture that I had neglected to indulge in after I moved to the United States. Your 2016 Relief and Rebuild Mission in the Philippines is another opportunity that will help me become more involved in it. By participating in this trip, I will be able to make connections with fellow Filipino youth in the United States and obtain a better understanding about my heritage through firsthand experience. In addition to that, I will become part of an organization that will unite and empower Filipino youth and students across the United States. Other than reconnecting with my culture, a reason for my attraction towards your organization is my objective in life.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been interested in the medical field. The way that the doctors and nurses worked so hard and so passionately to save lives really brought me in. During the month of March of this year, I job shadowed a neurosurgeon for an academic-related assignment. I felt a sense of comfort and belonging when I entered the operating room. Ever since then, I knew I had to become a surgeon. However, I didn’t want to stay restricted to working in a hospital located in a developed country such as the United States. There were many other areas that are in dire need of medical attention. Therefore, my objective in life is to become a general surgeon who travels to underdeveloped and impoverished countries to provide my services.

Your mission trip is the perfect opportunity to gain firsthand experience in helping a third world country. After Typhoon Haiyan, many parts of the Philippines were left devastated. For starters, people living in the Philippines are not as privileged or wealthy as people living in developed areas such as the United States. Additionally, funding or help for this magnitude of destruction can be restricted. Due to this reason, this mission trip is very helpful. I will be able to personally help those who have been directly affected by the disaster and find out whether or not I truly want to become a traveling surgeon, while providing much needed help. As a result, this trip can become a learning experience for me and help define me as a person.

I feel as if I would be a strong candidate for this mission because I am very experienced in service learning and volunteering. As mentioned before, I am part of Bukas Loob sa Diyos. This organization performs a lot of volunteering activities. Around Christmas, many of its members go to retirement homes and orphanages and sing Christmas carols. Throughout the year, they travel to retirement homes and help the elderly out by performing tasks such as feeding them and playing Bingo with them. They also work with other volunteering and service learning groups such as Stop Hunger Now and Urban Ministries to perform similar tasks. Additionally, they host many retreats in where anyone is welcome to participate in teachings and worships to become closer to God. What I listed only encompasses a small amount of the services they do provide. As a member for about eight years and a youth leader for five years, I have been involved with a multitude of those activities. As a result, I have gained much experience in working with others to achieve a goal and have obtained a better understanding of those who are not as privileged as I am.

I hope this letter expresses my aspiration to become part of your mission trip and organization. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at Thank you for your time and consideration.



Enaj Joeyce Furigay

Biology (BS) and Chemistry (BA)

515 Paul Hardin Dr

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC 27514



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