EE Credit

The Experiential Education (EE) General Education requirement is meant to connect academic inquiry with a structured, active learning experience. EE takes many forms and has been sub-divided into 6 categories. One of the subcategories is “Departmental or University-unit internship or experiential independent study.” The internship must meet the following criteria to be approved for EE:

  • Be administered by an academic school, department, curricula, or University unit
  • Require a minimum of 100 hours of service or work
  • Have a unit or departmental faculty adviser to assist students with setting appropriate goals and providing guidance throughout the experience.

Most academic departments have an internship course (numbered *93) in the course catalog. I am happy to walk you through the course submission process if this helpful. The submission would require either a course syllabus or a learning contract template to be reviewed by the Curriculum Committee. Academic departments submit course proposals, which are then routed to the Curriculum Committee of the College of Arts and Sciences for review/approval.

Every department administers their internship course slightly differently. But here are the common steps:

  1. Students find an internship position (off-campus)
  2. Students meet with the department to secure academic credit (some departments have specific criteria for awarding academic credit for internships.)
  3. Student finds a faculty adviser
  4. Student and faculty adviser complete the syllabus and/or individual learning contract
  5. Department enrolls the student in the internship course within the first five days of the semester.
  6. Student submits deliverables (work products) and signed timesheet at the completion of the internship.
  7. Faculty adviser assigns a grade.

Some departments have a more structured internship program involving multiple students and pre-selected off-campus partners. If you are interested in learning more about this type of program, you might want to reach out to Lauren Willets, Director of Student Programming for the Entrepreneurship minor.