Spring 2020

Week 1

W         1/8     First Day of Class.  HOMEWORK: Write a bio blurb and find an appropriate profile picture. TO BE SUBMITTED in next class!

F          1/10     Library Resources.  HOMEWORK: Read “Letting Go” by Atul Gawande and “Deconstructing Gawande” by Ed Yong

Week 2

M         1/13     Gawande, Yong, and Popular Writing in Medicine. HOMEWORK: Read “The Early History of Autism”  and start thinking of a topic.

W         1/15     Autism – TOPICS – and Library Resources. HOMEWORK: Find 2-3 articles on your topic using the LIBRARY RESOURCES and Read “Six Ways the Civil War Changed Medicine”

F          1/17     Civil War Medicine – Annotated Bibliographies. HOMEWORK: Write 3-5 annotations for sources. Read: The Mouse Trap Part I and listen to listen to 2Docs Talk: Can You trust Medical Research.

Week 3

M          1/20    MLK Day – NO CLASS

W         1/22     Evaluating Scientific Research. Annotated bib Workshop Checkin. HOMEWORK: finish annotated bibliographies! Complete your 4-5 annotations for the first task of Unit

F          1/24   Annotated Bibliography Workshop. HOMEWORK: revise your annotated bibs! And Read Ed Yong’s “On Jargon.”

Week 4

M         1/27     Annotated Bibs Due! On Jargon and Query Letters! HOMEWORK: and revise your query letter for Wednesday and read “Final Cut” by Atul Gawande .

W         1/29    Final Cuts! Popular Science Writing: from Letter to article.  HOMEWORK: Start composing your popular medicine articles!

F          1/31     Query Drafting Workshop. HOMEWORK: Revise Query Letter  –  Due TBD

Week 5

M         2/3     Popular Science Article Drafting Workshop–formatting and style. HOMEWORK: Write 2 sets of possible Openers/Closers for your topic! Bring to class on Wednesday.

W         2/5     Popular Science Article Drafting Workshop: -Adding Pictures and hyperlinks. HOMEWORK: Revise your Openers/Closers and start writing the middle bits – add photos and hyperlinks.

F          2/7     Unit Final Project Due in Class (uploaded in class–we’ll do this together so don’t post until I tell you).

Week 6

M          2/10    Final Workshop on Unit 1 Science Article – BEGIN UNIT 2: Medical/Health Internship. HOMEWORK: Begin researching medical and health sciences internships. You’ll need to FIND AT LEAST THREE different internships to write about for the first “feeder” assignment. Revise your unit 1 project! Final Due Date TBD!

W          2/12     Finding Internships! HOMEWORK: Write a brief summary and assessment of three internships that interest you. What benefits does each internship confer upon its interns? What drawbacks? How much do the programs cost? What funding opportunities are available for applications? Check out the Profile Template we generated in class today for more assistance.

F           2/14    Assessment of medical/health internship Workshop. HOMEWORK: Revise your summary/profile assessment – post to Forum by 5pm – MAKE SURE YOU POST YOUR FINAL UNIT 1 PROJECT by NOON on Sunday!

Week 7

M          2/17     Letters of Recommendation – Asking for help. HOMEWORK: Write an email to a professor asking for help (Upload to Dropbox) and find a copy of your resume or CV and have it ready to critique in class.

W         2/19     Résumés and CVs. HOMEWORK: Revise your resume/CV accordingly.

F          2/21    Résumé and CV Drafting Workshop: HOMEWORK: Revise your resume based on peer feedback.

Week 8

M          2/24     Résumé/CV Final Drafting Workshop: Cover letters/Personal Statements. HOMEWORK: BEGIN DRAFTING Cover Letter/Personal Statement and revise CV/Resume accordingly

W         2/26     Resume/CV DUE – BRING A PAPER COPY TO CLASS – Cover Letters/Personal Statements. HOMEWORK: Continue Drafting Cover Letter/Personal Statement

F          2/28     Personal Statement Drafting Workshop. HOMEWORK: Revise your application/cover letter and CV/Resume.

Week 9

M          3/2    FINAL DRAFTING WORKSHOP: Medical/Health Sciences Internship Application. HOMEWORK: Revise your application (CV/Resume and Cover Letter/Personal Statement)

W         3/4  Final Final drafting Workshop: HOMEWORK: Revise your application (CV/Resume and Cover Letter/Personal Statement) – Forum posts due by 5pm friday – find your assigned forum post

R          3/6     Group Signups (on sakai) – HOMEWORK: Listen to one episode of Hidden Brain: Listen to one episode of RadioLab: Patient Zero, Sleep, Diagnosis.

Submit final draft to dropbox by Sunday 3/8 by 5pm

Week 10

M          3/9    SPRING BREAK
W          3/11  SPRING BREAK
F           3/13  SPRING BREAK

Week 11

Extended Spring Break – COVID-19




Week 12 March 23-27

Intro to Unit 3: Infographics! Read the New Unit 3 Assignment. As you picked topics before spring break you may wish to adjust your topic to fit new assignment parameters if necessary (but you’re welcome to use the same topics if they work for you).

Review this presentation on Infographics!

First task this week is to post to the original Unit 3 Sakai forum to affirm or change your topic – post by Wednesday at 5pm –

Second task for this week is to begin thinking about individual subtopics since each of you must produce one infographic and begin looking at library resources in an annotated bibliography (1-3 sources per person). Please use a shareable google doc link (add to your forum post). Be sure to adjust permissions (under “advanced”) to allow anyone with the link to edit (and not just view as is the default). You may organize your annotated bibliography alphabetically as a group, or put them into subtopics per individually. You may reuse sources between different subtopics and reuse descriptions. Everyone should be using between 1 and 3 sources in their subtopic. Annotations should be short! 2 to 3 sentences MAX. Shareable links should be posted to the forum by Monday AT THE LATEST!

Please take advantage of our DATA-oriented databases. One or more of your sources may simply be demographic information. Please see my Data Visualization Resources for additional assistance.

No checkin for class on Friday – just email me for individual or group conferences.

Week 13 March 30-April 3

Annotated Bibliographies:

Task for this week is to assemble your group annotated bibliography by 5pm Wednesday – One person from each group must email me a link to the annotated bibliography. I will send out assignments Thursday – April 2 via email as well as drafting workshop instructions, which are also detailed in this document, Online Annotated Bibliography Drafting Workshop. You must complete this drafting workshop by 5pm Friday April 3 and one group member should email a link to your assigned annotated bibliography to signal its completion.

Groups will have through the weekend to complete corrections and add resources as necessary. Group members should email me a final, polished annotated bibliography for their group by 5pm on Monday April 6. 

Week 14 April 6-April 10

Monday, April 6 Class: Annotated Bibliographies due by Monday 5pm

Wednesday, April 8 Class: Wireframing and creating your infographic and creating your website!

Link to Presentation on how to wireframe you infographic:

Task for this week: create your own wireframe design for you infographic (at least ONE! But you can design more than one if you’re on the fence about which design is best or if your infographic will require at least two components). You can draft this wireframe using online applications (if you have an iPad) or using markers/pen and paper but it must be uploadable (you can take a picture using a smart phonedevice or make a pdf with smartphone apps like scanbot). Please Upload your design to the Sakai Forum (titled “Wireframing”) by class time on Monday April 13

Week 15 April 13-April 17 Infographic Drafting workshops and Website workshops

Monday April 13: Infographic Online Workshop: upload your infographic wireframe by class today! HOMEWORK: Comment on two of your group members infographics by 5pm on Tuesday based on the rubric I provided in lecture).

Wednesday April 15: Infographic Platforms!

Friday April 17: Website Examples 

Week 16: Final Project!

Monday April 20: Infographic and Website and deadlines Checkin meeting.

Wednesday April 22: No formal class meeting, but I am available to meet with groups to discuss website (email me for times in the 1:30-3:30PM window)

Friday April 24: LAST DAY OF CLASS! And Website Drafting Workshop

Tasks this week:
1) Submit a draft of your infographic by Wednesday April April 22 at 5pm (upload to Dropbox)
2) Have a copy of your website draft (with 75-150 word descriptions for each works) ready for peer review by Friday April 24 by class

Week 17

Final Project Due Date: Monday April 27 at 5pm: Email a Link to your website to me!


M          3/16     Podcasting Science. HOMEWORK: Listen to Ologies

W         3/18      Podcasting Prospectus. HOMEWORK: Listen to Science Vs.

F          3/20      Research Plans. HOMEWORK: BEGIN shaping your group podcast theme and topic–start research!

Week 12

M          3/23     Podcasting Prospectus Drafting Workshop. HOMEWORK: Begin drafting podcasting prospectus.

W          3/25      Podcasting Prospectus Final Drafting Workshop. HOMEWORK: Revise Prospectus!

F           3/27     Podcasting Prospectus DUE! Adobe Audition – Research, Writing, and Public Speaking – Trends in Voice – HOMEWORK: request access to adobe – download adobe audition

Week 13

M          3/30    Public Speaking Redux and podcasting promos – HOMEWORK: Begin creating podcast promo – (Check out audio/equipment!)

W          4/1     MRC DAY podcast promos! HOMEWORK: Continue creating your podcast promo.

F           4/3     MRC DAY podcast promos! – Reading versus Summarizing. HOMEWORK: Continue creating your full-length podcast.

Week 14

M          4/6     MRC DAY? podcast promo workshop – HOMEWORK: BEGIN creating your full-length podcast!

W         4/8     Promo Due! HOMEWORK: continue creating your full-length podcast.

F          4/10 – GOOD FRIDAY – NO CLASS

Week 15

M          4/13 – Podcasting Websites HOMEWORK: Begin drafting your podcast website (if you haven’t already)

W         4/15 – Conferences

F          4/17 – Conferences

Week 16

M         4/20 – Podcasting Website drafting workshop. Homework: Polish your websites and podcasts.

W         4/22 – Unit 3 Final Check! Homework: finish it.

F          4/24 LDOC – Unit 3 Final Project Due.