Podcasting Science

Task 1: Podcast Project Prospectus
Length: 500-750 words + citations (no annotations necessary)
Format Word doc.
Submission: emailed to instructor (sarahboyd@unc.edu)

Assignment Parameters:

1.Clear statement of podcast purpose–Name and Overview.
2. Significance of science or topic or science of topic
3. Outline of podcast structure – episode arcs
4. Intro snippet: overview of what the opener will be like
5. Aesthetic of podcast
6. Audience–statement of listeners
7. Research – literature review + citations
8. Podcast website URL

Task 2: podcast promo
Length: ~60-120 seconds
Format: MP3
Submission: uploaded to sakai

Final Project: 3-5 episodes for podcast + complete podcast website
Length: 24-36 minutes total listening time + related materials (sources in correct format)
Format: Website with links to soundcloud hosted podcast episodes
Submission: emailed to instructor (cc all groupmates).