Finding an internship that will help you advance your career goals is a first step for undergraduate success.

University Career Services has a number of resources that will help you identify internships as well as funding for undergraduate research.

  •  UNC’s University Career Services (UCS) orchestrates a number of Internship, Graduate Program and Career Fairs. Registering for and attending these events will help you network with businesses and other professionals in your field.
  • UCS’s Careerolina is a database of open internships, fellowships and other sources of funding
  • UCS’s access is another place to look for experience
  • If you’re not seeing what you’re looking for, try researching the organizations that interest you most. For instance, if you like the American Red Cross, consider looking for internships with this organization, or if you want to find something closer to home, consider UNC’s Medical Center, where you might find a position as an Administrative Intern.
  • Look for Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE) like the National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU).  These programs are located in Universities all across the nation.  For instance, UNC has a SURE REU in Molecular Biosciences.
  • Talk UNC upperclassmen or other undergraduates who have completed internships
  • Talk to UNC Professors who may have leads on internship or other work experience opportunities.
  • Troll other Universities and Agencies for Internships. For instances, RIT, has a glorious list of internships culled from various health-related agencies. As does Tulane and many other agencies. Don’t be afraid to do some careful google searching!

Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy Undergraduate Clinical Research Program (deadline Feb. 1, 2016
Stanford Medicine Clinical Summer Internship (deadline March 4, 2016)
University of Pittsburg Summer Undergraduate Research Program (deadline March 1)
UCLA Pre-Medical Pre-Dental Enrichment Program (deadline n/a)
Eastern Carolina University Summer Program for Future Doctors (deadline March 1)
Chicago Academic Medicine Program (CAMP II) (deadline Feb 26)
Summer Medical and Dental Program (SMDEP) (multiple program sites, deadlines vary)
Paradigm: UAB Prep for Graduate and Medical Research (deadline n/a)
UVM Summer Medical Program (deadline n/a)
Perelman School of Medicine Pre-Med Enrichment Program (deadline n/a)
Academic Summer Program Integrating Resources for Excellence (ASPIRE) (deadline March 15)
Allan Rosenfield Fellowship in Public Policy