My name is Lydia Adams, and I am from Charlotte, North Carolina. I am a freshman at UNC majoring in psychology, and double-minoring in biology and neuroscience. With my degrees, I aim to become a physician assistant, or earn a PhD to become a psychologist. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy running, dancing, tutoring, and work as a medical assistant. Additionally, I am a research assistant in the Lysle lab at UNC, which focuses on neuroimmunology.

My name is Ihsan Tonuzi. I am a second-semester freshman at UNC Chapel Hill from High Point, North Carolina. My major as of right now is Undecided; however, I am leaning either biology or pre-med track. I enjoy learning about new scientific discoveries, working out, and hearing others’ points of view.

My name is Kate Burgess; throughout my childhood in the small town of Hillsborough, North Carolina, I used my competitive nature in an environment that encouraged it by taking part in 7 sports. I took a liking to medical advancements and biological discoveries early in high school, deciding that I would like to somehow involve myself in the field for my career. I decided to try something new athletically when I started college, made UNC’s rowing team, and am now in the midst of preparation for my Biomedical Engineering program application.

I’m Miranda Almy, a 19 year old from Greensboro, North Carolina. I have two siblings and three dogs, as well as a cat. I am a type one diabetic, and I dedicate a lot of effort into fundraising, advocacy, and education for diabetes research. Currently, I am majoring in Anthropology (Medical Anthropology hopefully next semester) with minors in Neuroscience and Latin. I hope to go to medical school and eventually work in global health care. 

My name is Katie, and I am majoring in Chemistry. I live in Greensboro, but I was born in Arkansas. I love to listen to music, so you can find me around campus with my headphones on. During my time at Carolina, I want to leave my “heel-print” by working with many different people to increase diversity in STEM fields.

My name is Carnika Frazier and I am from Cleveland, Ohio and recently have transferred into UNC, last fall. I am currently majoring in global studies with interests in medical anthropology as well. I would like to attend medical school and I am passionate about being kind, health equity, and cultural competency.

Hi! My name is Sachdeep Singh but I go by Sach. Originally from Queens, New York, my family and I moved to Durham around 10 years ago and I’ve been there until now! I actually went to an art school for middle and high school even though art isn’t really a passion but near the end, dance and theatre started to become my thing. I’m pretty social and generally talk a lot but if you catch me after a nap I might seem the opposite. I enjoy science, and am on the pre-med track, hopefully, to be a future orthopedic surgeon. I’m actually training to be an EMT right now so if you ever fall down the stairs, you know who to call. I speak 3 languages fluently and can sort of do split so clearly I’m a man of talent. I hope to get to know you more as the semester progresses. 

Nicole is my name and English is not my game. I think I would like to pursue biomedical engineering, but this semester is the test, as I am trying out different subject fields to see if I like them more or less – hopefully this will help me determine the rest of my life! I have a wonderful white German shepherd/ husky mix named Bolt (yes, like the movie), two kittens, and a brother named Josh. 

Harry is in the class of 2023 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, majoring in Biomedical and Public Health Engineering and Computer Science. Harry graduated with honor from his high school, Beijing National Day School, where he conducted research about the biosynthesis of selenium and tellurium nanoparticles with Professor Guo from China Agricultural University. Currently, Harry is investigating the effects of set2Δ mutation on the mating pathway in yeast with a graduate student at Dohlman Lab in the Department of Pharmacology.

Marina Torras is a first-year student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill pursuing a B.A. in Exercise and Sports Science and a minor in Neuroscience. Combining her love for science and passion for helping others, she aspires to become a Neurosurgeon working for Doctors Without Borders. Marina is a member of Modernextension Dance Company and the UNC Ski Team. She also enjoys traveling and spending time with her family, whether it be in Miami, Florida or Barcelona, Spain.

I’m Peyton, an ambitious student born and raised in the south, majoring in exercise science. I love cornbread and dumplings, especially made from the hands of my own mama. When not studying in the library, you can find me at the gym climbing on the rock walls. I would love a career in physical therapy and I have interned at a sea turtle hospital, which was an experience of a lifetime.  

Hi! My name is Domenica, I am from Ecuador, and for now I am majoring in Health Policy and Management. I love to dance, in fact, I am a Zumba instructor. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, and absolutely love to travel.

My name is Cailin Campbell and I am a first-year nursing major with a minor in medical anthropology from Hillsborough, NC. I hope to pursue a career as a pediatric nurse anesthetist or nurse practitioner. I am a member of Carolina Tap Ensemble, which has allowed me to continue my love for dance I developed at age five. An interesting fact about me is I have a pet hedgehog named Pippa and I love just about every animal!

I’m Zhiyue Zhang from Xi’an at the center of China. I’m a freshman student majoring in biology, for now. As a child, I was a fervent believer in zodiacs and wore different shoes to school for fun. Now, I’m an introvert who panics at parties but studies humans for fun. Food, music, movies, travelling, overthinking, introspection, my mom, an anime about figure skating, and a small blue bird are my best friends. My greatest aspiration at UNC is to find the subject I’m truly passionate about and make people’s lives happier with it in my future.

My name is Kaitlin Peck and I am a first-year student majoring in Neuroscience with a possible future minor in Math or Speech and Hearing Sciences. I am involved in the Marching Tarheels Piccolos, Cruand Math Gems. After I graduate college, I plan to attend medical school to pursue a career in either surgery or anesthesiology. 

My name is Banksii Tan, a 19-year-old from Guangzhou, China. I am a public health and pre-nutrition student at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. One fun fact about me is I have two cats with the name of Spin and Noza which come from my great passion for philosophy. Because of my experience of working as a president of the voluntary work organization in high school, I pay much attention to medicine and ethics, and that’s why I’m preparing to further explore the field of public justice and public health in the future.

My name is Riley Peterken and I am currently majoring in biology on the pre-medical track.  I grew up in Wilmington and loved playing soccer when I was younger. I am in two clubs involving medicine here at UNC and want to treat pediatric cancer patients in the future.

Roshni Ammanamanchi is a first year student at UNC as a neuroscience major on a pre-med track. Her goals are to become a psychiatrist and treat patients with mental health disorders. Roshni was born in New Brunswick, NJ but moved to Charlotte, NC when she was 4 years old. In her free time, she loves relaxing in the quad with friends or playing alto saxophone for the UNC basketball band. She was in her high school marching band for four years and eventually became the section leader of the alto saxophones.

My name is Daniel Crowder and I am a first-year student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Currently, I am in the pre-nursing program offered by the university, and I hope to one day become a registered nurse at a hospital. While I am confident in my decision to pursue this career, my mind is still open to other majors and opportunities

Hey! I’m Adesola Bryan Elumaro and I derive my roots from Lagos, Nigeria although I grew up in three different countries. I’m currently majoring in biomedical engineering at UNC and I aspire to be a doctor. I hope to play my part in the discovery of the cure for cancer.

My name is Eve Melbouci and no I am not Italian, contrary to my last name I am actually French. Growing up with a French influence has groomed me to place great importance on education, so much so that I wasn’t able to enjoy the average kid’s luxuries such as watching SpongeBob, going to amusement parks, or going sledding, instead my pastimes included reading, karate, and horseback riding. Hopefully, all this emphasis on my education will benefit my dream career as a heart surgeon.

Shelby Ung is a first-year student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) with hopes of becoming a nurse, whether it be through UNC’s program or somewhere else. Because of her devotion to helping others, Shelby thinks nursing would be a great occupation to fulfill her desires, however, she is not opposed to other opportunities that may come her way. The main focus for Shelby, at this time in her life, is to take advantage of all the resources UNC has to offer in hopes of finding clarity about her future.

My name is Jaden Chang, I was born in New York City, July 14th, 2001. I have been classically trained in piano for about fifteen years, and violin for about ten. As for sports and more physical activities, I have dabbled in dance, rock climbing, archery, and gymnastics. I swam freestyle and butterfly, and played tennis for some years, I have my black belt in karate, while also having some experience in judo and mixed martial arts. Currently I have taken up racquetball, squash, and lion dance. As for my personality, I tend to be laid back, adaptable, and extremely difficult to anger.

Aisha Thompson is a First-Year Student at UNC Chapel Hill, where she studies toward a B.S.P.H. in Biostatistics (hopefully!) and wishes to pursue a career in the same field. She is very passionate about learning new concepts and applying them to the real world. You can generally expect to find Aisha binge watching 80’s movies but she can also be found exploring the city for new study places.

I attended the NC School of Science and Mathematics for two years. There, I took research experience courses in humanities and biology, where I delve into the connection between creativity and mental disorders, and the effect of hyperthyroidism on neural development, respectively. I discovered my passion for mental health after becoming a Mental Health Peer Counseling Coordinator. I used my past experiences to develop a student-led counseling program with the mental health organizations and the counseling department. Now, I want to pursue psychiatry, therefore I plan to major in neuroscience and psychology.


My name is Vishanth Palanivel and I am from a small town in Connecticut called Farmington. I love to watch movies in my free time and often find myself hanging out with my friends doing whatever comes to mind. I’m generally a nice person with a lot of patience, but with a low tolerance for things that mess with my vibe.

Will Corley is a freshman at UNC studying Biomedical Engineering. He is a brother of Alpha Sigma of Chi Psi and plays club lacrosse. Will has two younger siblings that he enjoys spending time with on family vacations and otherwise. He loves his hometown of Chapel Hill and hopes to remain in the triangle area following his graduation by working in the private sector of medicine.


My name is Samuel Loyack and I go by Sam. I was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina and I went to Jordan high school. The major I have currently declared for is Biomedical Engineering, but I am strongly considering switching to a Chemistry major. I thoroughly enjoyed my last semester. I made lots of friends and I joined the Club Soccer team and we placed 3rd in Nationals. I am looking forward to this semester a lot.

My name is Cameron Pinkelton and I am a 19 year old college student from Greensboro, North Carolina enrolled in the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill. I am an Eagle Scout, potter, member of the AED honors society, and am currently on the pre-medical track. While attending UNC, I plan to study ceramics, Spanish, and biology to be able to support my passion in art while traveling the world making an impact through medicine.


My name is Wilson Stringer and although I was born in Alabama, the first 12 years of my life were spent in Zambia. I am majoring in Bio-statistics and I enjoy soccer, fishing, watching sports, and snowboarding. I have lived in chapel hill for the past 5 years and ever since that I have wanted to come to UNC.

My name is Kirti Patel, I am a 19-year old First-Year College student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill majoring in Neuroscience and Economics. I am currently pre-med with the eventual goal of attending medical school after undergrad. What I hope to specialize in is still a mystery to even myself but I am currently interested in neurosurgery or trauma surgery but that is still subject to change.

Matt Tucker is dedicated to helping people through work in medicine, inspired by the medical textbooks that decorated the coffee table during his childhood and the health challenges his family members face. He aspires to work in emergency medicine and later conduct research and work as an undergraduate professor, spreading his passion to later generations of healthcare professionals. He is currently pursuing a major in neuroscience and English (with a concentration in science and medical literature) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Outside of academics, Matt also sets time aside for art, writing poetry and music, reading, and photography.

Amber Vigil is a first-year student at UNC Chapel Hill majoring in Music and Biology on the Pre-Medical track. She hopes to graduate in 3 years and enter medical school to become an OB/GYN. Her passions lie in music, theater, and science, and she hopes to participate in an internship at the UNC Hospital to gain some experience before entering her field.


My name is Shiloh Williamson and I am a second semester first year attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I am originally from Stamford, Connecticut and I am currently a Biomedical Engineering major but that is subject to change given the program’s increased competitiveness. I attended a large public high school in Stamford and was involved in several extracurricular activities including varsity tennis, singing in a chamber choir and competitively dancing. One of the most important qualities of my character is the fact that I have a speech impediment. I have been stuttering, actively involved in speech therapy and volunteering with children who also stutter for the majority of my life. My favourite subjects in school are mathematics and psychology or other brain function and thinking courses. On the path that I am currently on, I am excited to take this course because I believe it will provide me with the resources and information needed to pursue a career in a STEM field.