my voice is exercise

  1. Designate 3 adjectives or descriptors that best describe the texture (or timbre) of your voice
  2. List 2 additional adjectives that best describe the timbre of the voice you’d like to have.
  3. Finish this sentence:  If my voice was a color, it would be _____________.
  4. And this sentence: My voice’s spirit animal is a(n) ______________.
  5. Write a haiku using the vocabulary generated above.  The formal qualities of the haiku consist of its short length (3 lines) specific syllabic rhythm (a 7/5/7 syllable arrangement). The essence of haiku is “kiru” or “cutting,” which is a juxtaposition of two words or ideas. This division occurs somewhere in the middle of the poem which shifts focus and modifies the meaning of the poem and the associations or disassociations between the two things.