Unlike the traditional ENGL 105 courses at UNC, which focus on a sampling of academic disciplines, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and business, this class will focus only on the medical and health sciences.  Designed to cater to students interested in pursing careers in the medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, and other health-related fields.

This course is a tad unusual in its focus on digital as well as medical and health science literacies. To this end, many of your final projects and attending tasks will be “born digital,” requiring you to learn how to create and edit digital “texts,” whether textual, audio, visual, or otherwise. At its core, the course is about exploring the world of medicine and health sciences, whether through popular science outlets or within the academic community.  Accordingly, students will create several types of scientific “texts” common in most natural science disciplines: research proposals, podcasts, prospectuses, annotated bibliographies, literature reviews, CVs, and more.

“While medicine is to be your vocation, or calling, see to it that you have also an avocation – some intellectual pastime which may serve to keep you in touch with the world of art, of science, or of letters.”
– William Osler.