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Healthcare in War Zones – Ashu, Tavon, Sonya



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Cover Letter for MSF

Sonya Seoyoung Chung

March 5, 2016

MSF Doctors Without Borders USA
333 7th Avenue,
New York, NY 10001-5004

Dear Selection Committee:

As a student pursuing an undergraduate degree in Health Policy and Management and Chinese at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I am writing to express my interest in the summer internship position assisting the HIV & TB Policy Advisor for Access Campaign. Given MSF’s prestigious tradition of excellence in and commitment to medical aid and medical access advocacy, I am eager and apt to intern at the office of MSF.

My aspiration is to work at a hospital in less developed countries, either as a physician, administrator, or researcher, to offer easier medical access and to educate the importance of hygiene, nutrition, and disease prevention. The internship at MSF New York office will complement my in situ volunteer experiences in offering me a deeper understanding of the essential and complex office works; my weeks in Myanmar, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Cambodia for medical services and volunteering provided me with the opportunity to collaborate with doctors and professionals of various fields to appropriately serve those in need of medical care and other demands.

Though my involvements may be of lesser scales compared to those of MSF, as part of the student government and as a secretariat of a conference, I possess the skills of taking organized notes, contacting other entities, and organizing events. Even though secretariats and historians may be the ones in charge of tracking events and meetings, I also took notes and organized them so that they were easier for our supervisor to read. As the class president, I convened with other representatives to coordinate various events for our class to participate. Furthermore, as the secretariat of a MUN conference, I cooperated with other positions to assemble the event and to officially contact other participating schools. My compassion and academic experiences have shaped me into a well-rounded, balanced individual.

I wish to partake in MSF’s Access Campaign to provide health care and various supplies to those with limited access due to financial and geographical circumstances, to prevent the prevalence of HIV and AIDs in third world countries, and to educate those who do not know much about diseases. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information or inquiry. I hope to hear back from you, and thank you for your consideration.


Sonya Seoyoung Chung

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill