Cover Letter for Sheeran Lab

9 March 2016

Sheeran Lab

Dear Sheeran Lab Coordinators:

My name is Sabrina Shah. I am currently an undergraduate student at UNC-CH pursuing a BS in Psychology and Neuroscience with a minor in Neuroscience. I would like to request an interview for the position of research assistant within your Psychology-based laboratory.

My interest in medicine began with my experience in medical scribing in the summer of 2015. I worked in documentation and procedural charting for emergency physicians in Nash General Hospital in Rocky Mount, NC. With this job I mastered medical jargon/terminology, diagnosis documentation, and coding for doctoral procedures. I learned to work quickly and accurately in the fast-paced emergency medical department. I also attained communication skills and extreme detail-orientation in dealing with patients and physicians, alike. My passion for psychology was motivated by the time I spent in the Behavioral Health sector of the ER, in recording patient health and improvement methods. Furthermore, I believe my zeal for clinical psychology will be an asset to my performance, if chosen to work in your lab.

I feel like I am a good fit for this position because my career interest lie in the field of psychology and if I am able to work on the various on-going experiments that Sheeran Lab conducts, I will be able to attain experience with the clinical and social side of psychology by doing paperwork and running participants, and the hands-on side of psychology by running software and configuring experimental products/data. I feel as though I have the analytical skills, and logical reason that the position requires through my past work experience with scribing, due to the amount of decision-making and quick chart-detailing that that I did in the job. I also have had experience with analyzing documents, so I believe I have the capabilities needed to be an asset to your lab. My acknowledged organizational methods and rewarded academic record shows my devotion to the things I pursue, and if given the opportunity I would bring these skills to the RA position.

I feel as though working in this position will allow me to increase my knowledge about the world of psychology and pursue my interest in psychology while also providing the lab with a diligent and passionate research assistant.

I hope you will review my CV and consider me for the position. I appreciate your time.


Sabrina Shah


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