Internship Profile

I plan to be a shadow in my aunt’s Private Dentistry Clinic in Amman Jordan over the summer. The shadowing term will last in the period of June 15-July 30. I will accompany my aunt to the clinic whenever she goes during this time. It will be up to her discretion the amount of hours I spend shadowing each day. Daily tasks include the shadowing, involving observation of the dentist in practice, working at the desk to manage scheduling and minor errands upon instruction of the dentist, and interacting and communicating with patients as to satisfy their needs.

There are no academic requirements for this specific trip as it is an informal opportunity; however, a resume and CV, as well as a cover letter will be provided. I will also translate these documents into Arabic so there will exist both English and Arabic forms. The only requirement other requirement is that I be at least proficient in Arabic.

There exists no post-internship presentation or product which I must produce due to the informality of the opportunity.

The main advantage of this opportunity is that it is a private practice located in a foreign country. The fact that it is a private practice allows for an informal atmosphere in which greater interpersonal interactions can take place with the professional and patients. I would not be limited to mere office work, instead actively experiencing the operations taking place. The opportunity also allows for practice of foreign language and cross cultural communication.

This opportunity is not structured through any organization. As such, I will not be able to apply for experiential education credit nor gain any certifications. I will gain experience and exposure to medical practice. The variability in hours is typical of informal shadowing and does not guarantee a set number of hours, necessitating flexibility in my personal scheduling to meet the needs of the dentist.

In terms of lodging, I will be staying at my grandmother’s house in Amman for the whole stay. I will receive transportation two alternate ways. When my aunt is able, she will accommodate me with rides to the clinic. If she requests that I arrive while she is already at the clinic, I will take a taxi. If I am dismissed for the day from my work before my aunt leaves, I will also take a taxi on return. This work is strictly unpaid volunteering, where exposure is the primary gain. As I will be lodging with my grandmother, food is provided. The cost of one round trip plane ticket is $1800. Aside from this, I will need taxi fare, which should not exceed $30 over the course of the shadowing. There are no other costs directly associated with this opportunity.

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