Keenan Cromshaw profile for internship

I have found a potential volunteer and/or shadowing opportunity at the New Hanover Regional Medical center in my hometown of Wilmington, NC. I still have yet to get a lot more info on these potential opportunities and there could be a chance of getting an internship in the future as I talk more with the hospital administrators. Since I don’t have a lot of info about these volunteer, shadowing, and intern opportunities I will write about what I know and what I’d like in this internship.

In this potential internship, I would be able to work beginning about May 12th until about the second week of August. I could work about 30 hours per week during this time. I would prefer to work in the emergency department performing duties that will help to gain experience and knowledge about emergency department professions. I would also greatly benefit from shadowing doctors, PA’s, and nurses in the hospital in order to gain a better understanding of daily life and the benefits/drawbacks of their professions.

Since the hospital is very close to my home, I will not need to worry about room and board. Money, of course, is preferable, but certainly not a requirement as I just want experience and new knowledge about the medical professions in this internship.

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